Chandika is an Associate CPA who came to Australia 6 years ago, when he was 26. His native country is Sri Lanka and he is now an Australian citizen. Finding work was initially difficult due to many reasons and one of them unfortunately was racial prejudice.

"I was working in a telemarketing company, it was my first job, and I had a lots of funny stories from that. Most of the time I was abused on the phone, but some of them, maybe 4 out of 100, would be interested in the product I was selling".

Now Chandika is working as a credit manager of an ASX 200 company, and doing lots of volunteering. His mission in life is to help people... People, who are in the same situation that he was long ago in when finding work was difficult.

His work ethic is "Integrity above all" and this is his Twitter @andyliyanawadu1 for anyone who wants to reach him there. Feel free to contact Chandika, if you are looking for a job.