10 tips what to wear for your
spring family photo shoot
As part of my family photography service I spend time with each of my families before their shoot in my 'Getting to know you' sessions. During these sessions I find out all about your family, we decide on a beautiful Surrey location for your family photoshoot and discuss all the finer details. One question I ALWAYS get asked… "What should we wear for the photoshoot?".

With Spring on it's way, my latest blog provides some helpful tips and inspiration about 'what to wear for your spring family photoshoot.'

What to wear for your spring photo shoot:

the fundamentals…

There are a number of tips that should be applied for every season;

1. Make sure everyone is comfortable and dressed for the location.

2. Use layers and accessories to add interest and texture.

3. Consider your home decor so that the images you choose to hang will compliment your colour scheme, style and be timeless.

4. Prepare the wardrobe before the day of the shoot. Thinking about clothing before the morning of the shoot is a must, otherwise you'll be throwing on the first thing you can find! Try laying out some different options to choose from. If you are getting stuck just send me a quick snap and I'm always happy to advise.

What NOT to wear…

5. Lots of crazy patterns; your family are the focus of these images and you won't want anything to distract from that.

6. Clothing with icons; pictures or logos – we aren't creating the next magazine advert for Gap or Nike, watch dads with this one too!

7. Matching outfits; you might think it looks awesome at the time, but I know you'll regret it.

Spring colour palettes

In spring, the backdrops of blossom and flowers are stunning and there are so many beautiful colours.

8. Think gorgeous pastel colour schemes that will compliment the beautiful spring blossom and avoid blacks and greys.

9. Choose two or three different complimentary colours rather than lots of different colours.

And finally…

10. Don't get stressed out about it! Just take your time, get some inspiration from my photo session and enjoy the experience.